I had a heloc with national city bank. They sent ma letter that said they are suspending my account 3 days after the date on the latter, which happened to be dated 4 days prior to when i recieved it.

they suspended my heloc because my house dropped in value. I still had plenty of equity but they said they suspended it because it dropped in value and this was all they needed to do it. They are in their right to do this but I dont like the way they played like a small time operation with dating a letter and not allowing enough time for me to get it before the date expired. That was a calculated move on their part.

anyway, I went to a real bank and refinanced for the exact amount I had with N.C.

Small players like national city will be eaten up by the better banks so avoid the hassles and skip over them.

I think they are on their way down right now and are trying hard to unload as much debt as they can.

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