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You have a property you own in Ridgefield WA 98642. The Lady that owned it passed away a few years back and it is very overgrown with black berry bushes.

I see it's going to auction soon. I was wondering if there was any way I could make an offer on it before it goes to auction. My wife and I are looking for a home that we could fix up and raise our family in. The address is 19121 NW 61st AVE, Ridgefield WA 98642.

We currently could offer $350,000 without seeing what the inside looks like and how much damage the vines have done. Thanks, Shawn McKay

National City Bank - I don't know

Value for money

Someone just robe me and I need to figure out how to get mine money back as well

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

National City Bank - City National Bank - Merchant Services Suck

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Despite numerous warnings by other business owners, I opened my business accounts at City National Bank, in Orange County, CA. I needed direct deposit services to process mailed in checks.

I was told by my contact person that I needed a scanner to process the checks. They charged me $1,500 for the scanner and a monthly service charge of $50. They came over and set it up, but it did not work. City National Bank said my computer equipment was too old, so I spent another $6,500 to update both the equipment (HP) and software (Windows 7).

They tried to install the equipment again. It didn't work. The scanner did not support Windows 7, so they needed to get a software patch to make it work. After 3 months they installed the patch, but it crashed the system.

One month later, I went to another bank and got the merchant services I was always promised at City National Bank. $$hity National Bank...a bank offering expensive inferior products by incompetent staff.

Monetary Loss: $2.

National City Bank - Riped Off

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I opened a Christmas club acct with National City in 2008. I didn't deposit any money in it.

In 2009 Dec. the bank called and said that I owned them $1,172.52. in overdrafts charges. I was supposed to deposit money in not be charged over draft fees.

Now I have a collection agencies calling at work and at home for the money. I told the collection agencies to stop calling me at work and I'm not paying them anything. I just hope this is not going to stay on my credit report. The bank should be ashamed.

I know I have trouble with my banking acct. but not to be charges this much for a Christmas Club. Only my overdrafts was so high that I whole paychecks was gone, I couldn't get any help from the bank.

They said that it was my problem I overdrew the acct. The bank charges 8.00 a day for overdrafts and 34.00 for overdrafts checks or items.

Monetary Loss: $1.


Athens, Illinois, United States #253872

Karen, I wouldn't say that every other bank is great. There are several big banks out there who are guilty of writing bad loans and foreclosing on our military families. That is not great.


Every bank charges overdraft fees. Don't spend money that you don't have and you won't have that problem.

It is your problem that you overdrew your account! The bank does not balance your checkbook. You as a customer need to make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before you authorize any transactions. If only you would do that, you would not get charged any fees!!

Hello, is it that hard to keep a checkbook :eek . It is not!! But everyone keeps spending what they don't have and then blame the banks! It is obvious the bank will go after you to collect their money and charge you fees.

Yes it will go on your credit report and you will also be reported to chex systems and you won't be able to open an account ANYWHERE! If you have one, that bank will be notified through chex systems and it will be closed. No one wants to keep a customer who owes money to another bank. But then again they love customers like you.

Your fees and other people like you who don't know how to manage their account keep those banks running!! :grin :grin Yep that's right :grin. So STOP blaming the bank and admit you have a problem and you spent money that you did not have. Yep, the banks money.

Now obviously they want it back with fees on the top of it! That's how it works 8) Either deal with it or use cash only!! National City is a great bank and every other bank is great, it's people like you who can't balance their accounts and blame everyone for it!!! Yep, face it honey!!

You have no money, it's not the bank that's horrible, it's you! :grin


Fine print....such a wicked thing.

Resolved: National City Bank - I worked at Nat City for almost 2 and a half years

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Where do i begin.... well first off i would like to say that i was an awesome employee to national city....

very loyal to my customers and they knew it! honestly everyone loved me and they loved seeing my face! but what to do when your branch manager hates everyone? she cannot get along with anyone!

danielle bailey of the montrose branch in ohio is a worthless piece of junk... i devoted my life to that branch and did everything correctly... she continues to not call customers back or deal with their issues... customers take a stand!

call customer service on her... i didnt get a chance to say good bye to my customers but they knew how she was... within a 2 year period of time she went through 20 employees.... i was number 19 and she just fired someone else today...

customers honestly do not like seeing different faces all the time... they like to build a relationship with the tellers... i know that for a fact! i just really wish and pray that anyone who knows her will take a stand!

i am not just a pissed off ex-employee i am goal oriented smart thinker and i now have not have a job for almost 2 months... thats not fair... especially when you do not do anything wrong! i have things to pay for as well as she would be devastated if she could not provide for her family...

either way i just wanted to be there for anyone who has questions about the banking field and what really goes on at a branch... just e-mail me if you would like to... i will be more than happy to assist you!--- and if any of my customers are reading this i miss u!



:( all i can say is that i am complaining about national city... and they put a ad for them at the bottom of my article... weird..

National City Bank - National City Overdraft: Put a hold on cash


Friday, 3/27 I deposited 400$ CASH into my NEW national city bank account. I still had 172.88 in the account before the deposit.

Monday, 3/30 I had an automatic withdrawl from my auto company and a few items posted. Well, little did I know, National City put a hold on my cash deposit and only gave me 100$, the smaller items were less than the total, though my car payment was more, so they put a hold on my cash and charged me overdraft fees for everything=6 total=220$....none of the items were more than 16$. I am so upset, I do not even know who or how to talk to about this.

I feel like I have been robbed.

Monetary Loss: $220.



They put holds on cash deposits (at times) three days after it was deposited into the ATM. It has since already been counted and verified.

They are thieves.


Even though DW thinks we are ***, I disagree with what they have said. I put a cash deposit through on Friday and Saturday past.

Bills were showing pending on Monday, and went through at midnight Monday night. There was plenty of money to cover everything, but they decided that my cash deposit wasn't available until after all of those bills went through. Even looking at my statement, no place does it show that I was overdrawn, but I was charged $134 for going negative. Question, if the breakdown by the bank doesn't show a negative, did it really happen?

No, it's just a way for National City to steal money.

We spoke with an assistant manager at the local branch and though he agrees that the cash should have been available Monday by closing, there is no way for him to waive the fees. I'm closing my account once my checks clear and will never use them again.


NC ripped me off too. I complained and got nowhere- They kept giving me different answers etc.

I made a deposit which was pending- I had some pending charges. They charged me overdraft fees on pending charges, even with a pending credit- According to their terms/conditions all credits will post prior to withdraws so how the *** can you charge me for pending items with a pending credit??? And as for DW's comments you are warped! I do have proof and I reported it.

Don't tell me they fix mistakes because all the morons I talked to did nothing!!!!! We are still with you *** people because he doesn't want to change banks (I do) and I made a deposit on Friday (11/13)the check was from my 401K and today is 11/18/09 and my money is still not available- Are you freaking kidding me??? You can remove my money instantly but can't give me my money? Most is electronic and you mean this still can't be verified??

What a joke! I dont't care what he wants, I am switching banks bc this one is ***!


To go off of what DW said...they do put a hold on your account. My NC even has a sign out for all to see that there is AT LEAST a 24-48 hour hold on all deposits....why....if I put my money in the bank I want to be able to use it sometime this week!!

I am shopping around for a new bank right now after seeing how many problems everyone is having with them!

Oh and....I work for citibank...putting a hold of someones account for us is a matter of clicking a button and can happen to anyone without them even knowing...which I have had done to me by NC


I have past had it with National City and their fees. I put cash in my account Saturday morning.

It is Monday afternoon and it is still pending. Like really? I put a check into my Chase on Friday and half of the check was made availible right away. Where is the justice with National City???

They steal from the poor and will happily reverse the fees for the rich. Unreal!


If you read the

"FDIC's Study of Bank Overdraft Programs"

you will learn that the banks are PAYING

third-party companies 10%-20% to manage their overdraft program.

You will also notice that banks who use the high-low system report a larger income than the banks that do not.

I wonder if they care more about making money than making sure my car is paid before my dinner is?


Ok, you guys are just plain ***. I'm a part-time teller for NCB.

I have no ties to it except for a college job. We do not place holds on cash except when you put it in the ATM which is pretty *** obvious since someone has to run that money. There is only ONE way to deposit cash (with the exception of the ATM) on the computer, there is no way to put a hold on cash, it is impossible on the teller computer system. Unless we place a hold on the account wish time consuming, hard to do and typically done by the fraud department.

There is no way NCB could be liable because its all in the account pricing schedule. and funds availability policy which is given to you. The problem, nobody listens or reads. I tell people all day long how to avoid overdrafts, and many customers if the listen never have a problem.

Its people who are unable to manage their money. Plus if we see its a simple error, we'll usually refund it.


I know exactly how you feel.....we must DO something. I have been the victim of exactly this kind of thing ...they are , by policy, exploiting anyone who can be exploited...generally this means anyone who cannot keep a large sum of money in their checking account....most of us these days....their policy is maximize their own ability to charge these fees and they are always looking for these kinds of situations....I believe this policy may make them liable to a class action the very least they must be exposed to the public.They are very conscious of the fact that they are creating a huge number of angry customers and they simply do not care. We MUST show them that we are not sheep and that we will make a noise when they steal ion this way.Please contact me and we can get this thing together.

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National City Bank - No service at drivethru for non member.


My client wrote me a check on a NCB account.I called the nearest branch. I was told the lobby closed at 4:00 but the drivethru was open until 5:00.When we got to the drivethru window i signed the check and sent it in with my drivers liscence.

I was told non members could not cash checks at the drivethru.

The teller told me she needed a thumb print done in front of her. I asked for the ink pad but now it had to be done in the lobby.Now the only transaction i can think of for a non member at any banking institution is cashing a check it would have been nice when i called if i was told that non members can't make transactions at the drivethru before i drove five miles out of my way.

National City Bank - Bank error fees I cannot get back

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I have several accounts at National City Bank in Sanford FL. The staff at this branch changes like I change socks.

I received several ridiculous overdraft fees etc. from the idiots that work there and they all admitted fault. One account 900.00 Dollars another 300 Dollars. Only to be told by the " New " manager that I will receive it all back the only catch is that he can only do it at 100.00 Dollars a month etc.

as not to cause notice from the higher ups at the bank. OK. However this NEVER HAPPENS. I have to call E mail etc etc threaten to close accounts.

I am the second largest depositor at the branch.

This goes on for over 9 months. To this day I have not received all the fees although they again tell me they plan too.



Go to the higher ups. This isn't right, coming from an employee, this branch needs to be cleaned out.

2nd of all, you should never know what rank you are in terms of depositors. for the sake of privacy We have all kinds of cooperate accounts and personal wealth management accounts, I doubt your the 2nd highest, that maybe what he told you I would take it with a grain salt

National City Bank - Overddrafts overdrafts overdrafts


Beware this bank and any other bank who buys them out!! The new bank is just buying out a bunch of supercilious, prevaricating employees who show total disrespect for the customer. Their stories in reference to problems change by the minute. Their solution to problems is to denigrate and intimidate the customer so he will shut up and go away and give them their ill acquired gains.

They are making millions from this endeavor. Obviously, they are employeeing people who are adept at their game.

Stay away from this bank. It is like dealing with a bunch of thugs! Don't we have enough of this in this world?

Monetary Loss: $36.

National City Bank - Absolultely worst bank. Stay away.

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This bank moves money in and out of your account. The running balance changes by the hour!!! Said it was the merchant's fault because they did not submit within 72 hours.

Presented proof from merchant that that was not true and then they said they never did say anything about 72 hours. Was given the 72 hour explanation by at least 8 employees!!!

Don't seem to recognize that it is your money!!! not just their bank!!

Terrible bank with a lot of terrible, double talking people!!!! Todd Williams gave me the major stare-down and told me I should keep my own accounts and not trust what the running balance said. Very nasty.

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