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Hey all of you complaining about National City Bank, I agree. This bank has hit me with more Overdraft fees in the last year than the previous 22yrs.

I've been banking there. They are in debt, so they are stealing from the little guys. Also, they change their policies and procedures like people change their underwear. Each time I call and talk to those "Reps" they all give me a different story.

They do not post your money on the day it should be and they blame you. People use any bank, not this one.

Oh, and remember your complaints go unanswered, and its never their fault.

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Philippi, West Virginia, United States #31933

i'm with ya, they charged me 8 over darft fees and once all of them cleared and my transactions i still had a positve balance.(and its not the first time it happened) explain that, Their explainion was due to even though my check posted yesteray the funds were not availble until today 7/01/08 but the last time it happened the person told me when you make a check deposite only 100.00 is availble and the rest will be available the next day. I listened and they still got me.

and i have noticed that they take the big puchases first (even it they were puchased last or even a different day) and put them through then smaller ones to try to get more over draft fees. -- i just closed my account today, but i have copies of my online statement also,--i also notice that one time my running balance on my on-line statement changed a week later. i filed a bbb complaint and got some of my fees back but their resposes were ridicules.

their explaination for the high charges going through is due to the customers perfer it that way. I dont know about you but I perfer the charges to go through in the way i charged them not the larger dollar orders, so they can charge you more overdraft fees.

Cegled, Pest, Hungary #28774

try working for NC bank.

worst job I have had ever. They do not care about anything, but $$$$

Clifton, England, United Kingdom #25837

This bank needs to go under...I'll take out my $14.08 or even let them take it, as long as they go away!

Constableville, New York, United States #24734

I was actually happy to see that I am not the only one getting ripped off by overdraft charges and daily charges by National Citty. It is ridiculous and they hit you when you're down. I will leave this bank as soon as I am able you can bet on that.

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