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I start by saying I am a faithful National City Employee. I cannot present to anyone what I do not myself believe in.

First I would like to say in response to so many posts that in all stories there could be human error and for that we should be forgiving. To be rude or condescending is also not acceptable. With that said, many complaining not only on the blog but in my branch about overdrafts are "MAINLY" those who are in no way responsible for keeping record of their accounts, I will not take blame for that. I respect my customers whether they are in the negative $200 or positive $200K.

I am NOT responsible for......your lack of planning and check writing BEFORE you have the funds to do so...Not responsible for your personal life, that is what your family is for.....I DO love my customers, I understand them, *** I've had RECENT overdrafts....It's MY fault I knew i didn't have it! I am NOT responsible for your HELOC freeze, Blame BUSH we are just abiding by their rules....Your 2 cent overdraft costing you $34, yep it's a loan baby, you wrote a check your account couldn't pay and by the way we lost more money paying your pizza bill than you did overdrafting. I am actual friends with MANY of my customers and have cried over the death of more than one.

I AM National City Bank and I'm truly sorry if you did have an unresolved "issue" and it was not TRULY your fault. I'm in Monroeville Pennsylvania and if you come to my branch you will get the utmost respect from me.

I've found most people are more patient in line at McDonalds waiting for their promised "fast food" than they are at a local bank who is being careful to count their money, keep balances low in drawers in case of robberies.......until you have walked in our shoes.....I love National City and if you are my customer I love you too

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Kudos, as with ALL large corporations, there are those people who really should not be in customer service, just as there are those customers who really should NOT have a checking account. Accountability is two-fold.

We don't write your checks, YOU DO, we don't balance your account, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO, so when YOU overdraw, WE are taking the risk of you leaving us high and dry. Unfortunately if that happens enough times, we have to pass that on to the rest of the group. Just as shoplifting increases prices, ovedrafting increases fees. It's a loan, would you rather we return the $20.00 check that overdrew you $5.00, charge you and have you embarrassed AND charged another $25 at the merchant?

We do try to be fair, but coming in and yelling at me that "this bank is stealing my money" isn't going to get you too far. Be reasonable, if you've overdrawn before, well you know the drill... pay the fine and be on your way. If it's truly the first time EVER and you've been around for awhile (yes, that's MORE than 6 months) and it's not by hundreds of dollars...

you're more likely to get a break. Come visit me anytime... White Lake Michigan... we treat you with respect, so long as you do the same and take responsibility for your mistakes, just like you expect us to.

and just for the record......... NO WE ARE NOT CLOSING.

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